Why NDA Preparation with Schooling at Doon IDA?

The National Defence Academy is a highly prestigious Institution with extremely high standards. Though the Exam is held twice a year the final selections after SSB Interview are by far lesser than the number of seats available. Not just the UPSC Exam standards but SSB/NSB/AFSB standards are sky high!


Moreover this entry follows Strict Age Criteria of 16.5 to 19.5 at the time of joining the course hence; the chances of clearing NDA Merit are really numbered. Not many students are able to academically, mentally and physically be able to prepare themselves along with regular routine of their usual schools. The success mantra is XI, XII with NDA Preparation at Doon Indian Defence Academy, Dehradun. While, many students take it in order to ensure thorough preparation for getting selected for the Armed Forces a lot of others dream only for self enhancement as they eye different targets in life.

The Stringent ROUTINE with HARSH PUNISHMENTS for Errors, REGIMENTAL DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS makes it really tough for the students to cope with at the beginning. However, they get an insight of the future life in Defence and thus are really prepared inside out for the challenges ahead. It is evident that the NDA Selection process consists of a written, verbal, mathematical, analytical, language, personality and cognitive intelligence test. It thus requires a strong mindset for not limiting yourself to books or exams. The Foundation Program of XITH, XIITH with NDA preparation is thus rightly an essential as it gives more than two years for preparation and assures selections.

Aspirants thus use NDA Preparation Tips to efficiently pass the upcoming NDA exam. They are made to realize the value of untiring efforts and undying spirit. The guidance by retired Defence Officers plays a major role in preparing for the NDA exam so that they can achieve their goals. There are various reasons why a young mind needs to be shaped early and properly. First and foremost their becoming of age should have the guidance of mentors from the uniform. Second their temperament which usually gets spoiled sitting idle at home or playing online games or pursuing fake YouTube targets or reels needs to be refined. Third, the reason why one needs to pursue a program of NDA preparation with schooling is that they get the best of School Academics along with best in Personality and language development. So if you are in Xth or a parent to someone in Xth, it is high time for you to decide for the best future in Uniform, because the time lost is never to be made again and those who lose it seldom succeed!